Emoji-Obsessed? You're Going to Want an Emoji Domain

Maybe you’ve got already got an emoji necklace, emoji leggings, and an emoji cookie cutter, and you’re looking for the next great thing to emoji-fy. Behold: the emoji domain.

GoDaddy developer Jon Roig pitched the idea of “Mobile First Emoji Domain Registration” at a recent company hackathon, and won. Essentially, it allows you to search and register emoji domains.

“Behind the scenes, all domains are ASCII, even if you see the domain name displayed as an emoji. The actual mechanics aren’t that important, but the key thing to know is that the browser uses a strategy called ‘punycoding’ to convert ‘❤❤❤’ to ‘xn--qeiaa’ behind the scenes,” Roig said. “Most browsers keep this process hidden… but even when it’s not, your emoji domain will work.”

“Until now, emoji domain names been difficult to register. One has to have a reasonably sophisticated knowledge of punycode and whatnot to even look to see whether domains are available. From there, the setup is a bit of a pain,” he said. “It’s not like you can go to the GoDaddy homepage on a mobile phone and start entering emojis. ❤❤❤.ws solves that problem.”

Currently, the only TLD that emoji domains are compatible with are .WS.

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